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Virtue of achieving perfection in different field is inherent in human beings and its manifestation needs a medium i.e. a platform to share and to learn from different disciplines. Higher education is not complete without multidisciplinary approach. Knowledge in multiple disciplines enriches a person to develop a holistic view of his/her subject. In the University like JNU which provides a wide spectrum of excellent disciplines like Literature Languages, Social Sciences, Computer and Physical Sciences, International studies, Life Sciences etc. but the students are unaware of the other dimensions due to lack of interdisciplinary approach. In recent times, advancement in every field is heightened so much that the understanding of a particular subject is very difficult for a person specialised in another discipline. The experience of another field can be well admired and visualized if motivated people paves the way to the subject area. Also in early years of life, curiosity about something arose in mind of a person, but he/she had to restrain the curiosity due to lack of opportunity. An opportunity to know about that particular field may again invoke the interest.  

Keeping these ideas in mind a group of highly enthusiastic students from different disciplines constructed a platform they initially called a “Self Learning Platform” later which renamed as “JNU Forum for Mutual Learning” where they can share their ideas and discuss issues directly/indirectly related to their research/social concern. Initially they have started with Students’ Interdisciplinary Discussion Series. Initially students organised the discussions in different school premises.

            Later during discussion ;between students and Prof. S.K. Sopory, Vice-Chancellor, JNU it was felt that aims and objectives of the Forum are more connected with the Library which is a learning resource centre.  So after a detailed discussion between students and Dr. Ramesh C. Gaur, University Librarian, it was decided to make this Forum a collaborative programme of Central Library, JNU and students of the University.  Now all the activities of the Forum will be held under the aegis of Central Library and discussions will be organized in the Committee Room of the Central Library, JNU.

Who should Participate

The Forum is open to all.  Anyone, students, researchers, faculty and other academic staff may participate in the activities of the Forum.  The announcement (future discussion/evens) will be made through JNU Website, Face book, and the Blog created for the Forum.

Structure of the Forum

The activities of the Forum will be carried out by the students under the patronage of Central Library, JNU.  For the management of the Forum following initial structure has been proposed.

Advisory Committee

-          Prof.  Sudhir K. Sopory, Vice Chancellor, JNU

-          Dr. Ramesh C. Gaur, University Librarian, JNU

-          Prof. P.K. Yadava, SLS, JNU

-          Mr. Kapil Gupta, [ navkapil [at] gmail [dot] com ]

-          Mr. Debabrata Roy (PhD Student, CESP, SSS)


Mr.Saronik Bosu , M.Phil, CES  Student, CSRD, SSS

Past Convenor

Mr. Amartya Paul, PhD Student, CSRD, SSS

Joint Convenor

Mr.Suvajit Halder, M.Phil, CHS

Past Joint Convenor

Mr.Rahul Chakraborty, PhD Student, CESP, SSS


Mr.Titas De Sarkar, Ph.D. , CHS

Joint Secretary

Mr. Kanad Sinha, Ph.D. , CHS

School/ Centre Representative

One student each from Schools/Special Centres will be included as representative.  The names of these representatives will be uploaded soon.