21st Library Lecture Series and Outreach Programme - EXPANDING INNER HORIZONS!

Speaker : Ms. Preeti Monga ,
Director, Silver Lining Synergies Pvt. Ltd.
Mayur Vihar, New Delhi
Chairperson: Dr. Jaishree Paul
UGC Research Scientist 'C' (Professor)
School of Life Sciences, JNU

Venue : Lecture Hall-1, JNU Convention Centre

About the Talk: An introspective session which leads you to discover within yourself stunning abilities, dreams and possibilities you never thought existed!
With the continuous explosion of information hitting you 24 by 7, along with pressures of remaining abreast with study and other day to day challenges, you can easily fall into the hidden trap of believing that you are functioning at your maximum; and have no further potential left for experiencing or achieving more! You feel completely stretched out, and therefore consciously / unconsciously put away your dreaming powers and loving longings for later!

Interestingly, most of us are only utilizing a fraction of our true potential … why … because it has got covered with layers and layers of unnecessary and futile hum drum of every day Survival! How would you like to discover simple ways to wipe away the unsolicited covering layers, and get reconnected to your very own hidden potential; and once again be able to freely exercise your very own magical positive powers ?

MMM, please don’t think that this is one more empty gimmick to lure you to my session! Let me assure you, I walk every bit of my talk; you can test it for yourself even before you come to listen to what I have to say!

Speaker will share her experiences and in reality gift you with all the practical knowledge she has gathered over the years!

We will have an interactive session, where we will have the opportunity to connect and harness, our positive energies to together build a more beautiful world for all!

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