Readers with disabilities

  • 1. Facilities of Ramp, Wheelchairs and talking lifts for Physically and Visually challenged students.
  • 2. Dedicated Helen Keller Unit for Visually Challenged Researchers and Students with specialized services and assistive technologies.
  • 3. 24 computers installed with Kurzweil, MAGIC and JAWS software .These assistive technologies (software) support the reading, writing and learning experience of visually challenged/partially sighted students by converting print or electronic text to speech.
  • 4. Besides the above the following Hardwares are supplied
    • Printers (Braille)
    • Scanners
    • Headphones
    • Digital voice recorders
    • CDROMS
    • Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT)
  • 5. Laptop and voice recorder are issued to visually challenged students.

For any information regarding facilities and infrastructure of Hellen Keller Unit, please contact

Sh. Sushant K Panigrahi
Assistant Librarian
Ph: 011-26704545

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