The Library collection is made up of over 50, 0000 books, audiovisual items, over10, 000 journals in print format offering online access to more than 20,000  . It has been developed with 2 aims:

  • To support the academic programmes of the University.
  • To support the research pursuits of the teaching community and the research scholars. The holdings of the Library are particularly rich in Social Sciences and Humanities

Journals/Serials/Periodicals Collection
A journal or periodical or serial is a publication which is produced on a continuing basis. For instance weekly, monthly, quarterly,  annually. Some journals are published irregularly.
The Library currently holds:

  • 723 current periodicals (scholarly journals and popular magazines)
  • 108752 bound journals
  • 53 national and international newspapers
  • 20,000+ e- journals

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The collection includes books from the various branches of knowledge.

  • Social Sciences-
  • Natural Sciences
  • Humanities -28018 items

Text book collection

The Library maintains a separate collection of textbooks which may be consulted within the Library after deposition of ID cards. The collection comprises 18,000 books and 5000 bound journals. These books are issued to the students for overnight use only. During examination days, these are issued to the day scholars, not hostel residents, for overnight use. If the students fail to return the book the next day, an overdue of Rs5 per day is charged. 
The Text book section also includes Book Bank collection which exclusively meets the information needs of U.G. and P.G. students.

Government publications 
The Government Publications collection which is housed on the 9th Floor of the Library provides access to 30,000 documents which include the following:

  • Census Data
  • UN Journals
  • UN Books
  • FAO Journals
  • World Atlas
  • NSS reports
  • Undersize book etc.

Russian Collection 
The Russian collection which is housed on 8th floor includes the following:

  • 50,000 General books
  • 3500 Reference books
  • 600 Text books
  • 10,000 Old Bound Journals
  • 1000 General text books in English

Theses and Dissertation
The Library has approximately 16,000 Theses and Dissertations. Their bibliographical details and Contents pages are accessible through OPAC.

The collection covers a wide range of books in various languages (English to Afro-Asian, European and Indic languages)

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The Library has a collection of approximately 12.45 lac newspaper clippings concerning to topics relevant to the academic community of the University. The clippings from the following newspapers are scanned, digitized and archived for academic use.

  • The Times of India
  • The Hindustan Times
  • The London Times
  • The Deccan Herald
  • The Tribune
  • The Hindu
  • The Financial Express

The database of Press clippings is accessible through OPAC on the Local Area Network  of the University.

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