1.Who can be a Member of the Library?
Ans: Registered Members like M.Phil/Ph.D Students, Master’s/Undergraduate, Part-time Students, Faculty members/Officers, Staff Members and Special Members of JNU.

2. How Many Books can be borrowed by the Members ?

  • M.Phil/Ph.D Students (6)
  • Master’s/Undergraduate Students (4+2)
  • Part-time Students (2)
  • Faculty members/Officers (12)
  • Staff Members (2)
  • Special Members (2)

3. Can I borrow Journals for overnight or for a short period?
Ans: No , we never issue Journals outside library.

4. Can I suggest a purchase of book for Library Collection
Ans: Yes, you can suggest a purchase for Library. Certainly we will place your suggestion before LAC for approval for procurement. We don't guarantee of purchase of your request. However we always encourage your paticipation in our collection building.

5. Can I take a xerox copy of reading materials or personal book into the Reading Hall?
Ans: You can bring your personal copy or Xerox Study Material into the Reading Hall after verifying at the entry gate to our staff at the time of entry and exit both.

6. Can I renew the issued book in my name for one more fortnight
Ans: Yes , but check with library circulation counter whether the book is reserved by any one else.

7. If I lost the Property Counter Token what to do?
Ans: You have pay Rs 50 as fine towards this.

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