Cloak rooms and Lockers

Use of lockers

  • Lockers are available for Ph.D scholars on seniority basis in the Central Library. These are assigned to the scholars at the beginning of Monsoon Semester for one academic year.
  • Lockers are not transferable.
  • Personal items should not be kept in lockers and the Library assumes no responsibility for any item lost or stolen from the lockers.
  • The research scholars are allotted only the lockers and not the table beneath the lockers. If the table is vacant, other scholar can use it.
  • The scholars are advised to store only those books which are duly checked-out to them.
  • The scholar cannot retain/block more than 6 books (checked-out) in his/her locker at a given time.
  • Library materials like Reference books, Rare and Arts books, Thesis & Dissertations, loose/bound volumes of Journals should not be stored in the lockers. Any non-circulating library materials or books, which have not been checked-out shall be removed, if found in the lockers.
  • The library reserves the right to open any locker if required, to inspect their contents for library materials that have not been checked-out. Any such item found will be returned to their proper locations and in such situation locker facility shall be immediately withdrawn.
  • The scholar is required to use his/her personal locker and hand over the duplicate key to the staff in charge of lockers. In case of change of lock, the staff should be immediately informed and duplicate key handed over.
  • Books should be placed with their spines facing outwards.
  • The allotment of locker is valid for one academic year.
  • Personal belonging like Laptops are not allowed to kept in locker.
  • In case of violation of the rules, the allotment of lockers if liable to be cancelled.
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