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Who can use the Library?

Students,Faculties and Staffs of JNU are welcome to use the Library. Academic staff, postgraduate and research students from other universities can use the Library for reference with valid Identity card and a Reference letter from his/her guide.

Where is the Library?

The University Library is at the Centre of all the Faculty of the University. It can be reached by an easy walk or bicycle from all the Hostels and Schools.

When is the Library open?

The Library is open round the clock throughout the year except 15th August (Independence Day) 2nd Oct (Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday) and 26th January (Republic Day). On “HOLI and “DEEWALI” it opens half day. The Reading Halls are open troughout the year, however transactions of study materials are from 9:00 am-7:45 pm. During Examination Period the Tower is open till mid night for consultation.Rest of the year the Tower closed at 8:00 pm.

How do I contact the library?

For general enquiries, telephone (011) 26704548 or e-mail . We are also on Facebook and Twitter. For enquiries to specific departments, please consult the list of contacts. The postal address is University Librarian, Central Library, JNU, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi-110 067 . The fax number is 011-26704551.

What material does the Library hold?

JNU Library holds books and journals in Afro-Asian, European, Russian, Chinese and many Indian languages on which study and research going on in the University. In addition to this it has collections in Natural Science, Social Science and Computaional Science also. For details click to know more . Almost all of this material can be consulted in the Library. It also holds extensive collections of books, journals, maps, microfilms, Ph.D. Thesis, Digital NewClippings, Govt of India documents, United Nations collections and has extensive special collections of rare books, manuscripts, and other materials.

How do I use the catalogues to search for resources in the Library?

You can check for materials in the Library using one of two online catalogues. To search the Library materials alongwith Open access Journals, Ph.D. Thesis, NewsClippings, Online Databses click the Discovery Tool . To search the Library documents exclusively click the Online Catalogue

How can I know the status of books suggested by me for library purchase?

We keep on sending Email and SMS whenever the book arrived and catalogued in our system to the indenter. You can check the the Library website regularly to see the new arrival of books.

The catalogue says I need to “Add to cart” a book. What does that mean?

Suppose you have searched some title and thought tat you need not serach them again and want save your time, you just have to “Add to Cart” option .

How I can see the overdue books in my name?

Click the Login tab and enter user your Library User Id and Password to view your transaction

The Library is a big place. How do I find my way around the building?

For floor plan pls click link for details in each floor. Our Library staff will also be pleased to help you.

How can I photocopy?

JNU Library has Photocopy Section at the 1st Floor of the tower. You to contact their for photocopy of your required items , it is a paid service but nominal.

Can I scan material in the Library?

Right now don’t have the facility. For Physically challenged students we have installed 1 scanner for teir reading facility. You can contact our Cyber Library at 011-26704545.

Can I take my rucksack in?

You'll need to leave your bags, at the Property Counter close to the entry gate before going into the Library.You can’t take any books (including books from other libraries), files and stationary into the Library.

Can I take my lunch into the JNU Library?

You can not take any eatables to Library. We don’t have Tea Room facility in the Library. However Library Canteen facility is available behind the Library only 50 meters away. You can take your lunch pack to Canteen.

What happens if I lose a book?

If you have lost books which you have borrowed from the Library’s collections the loss must be reported as soon as possible to the staff at the Reader Services Desk in the Entrance Hall (tel. 011-26704548) or by email to .You will have to pay for the original cost of the book lended by you and you have deposit the cost in Indian Rupees at the Cash Counter and submit the payment receipt at the Reader Service.

What should I do when the fire alarm sounds?

In the event of a fire, there will be a loud continuous alarm and you should leave the building immediately via the nearest fire exit.

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