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  1. Only JNU Students, Researchers, Faculty and Staff as registered members are allowed to use the Central Library.
  2. Members should produce their Library Membership card at the entrance of the Library.
  3. A duplicate Library Membership card will be issued on payment of Rs.100/-.
  4. The ex-faculty/staff members may be enrolled as members against a security deposit of Rs. 5000/- (refundable) and registration fee of Rs. 1000/- (non-refundable).
  5. Some  eminent academicians/scholars and other dignitaries may be enrolled as Special members on the recommendations of the Vice-Chancellor, JNU only against a security deposit of Rs. 5000/- (refundable) and registration fee of Rs. 1000/- (non-refundable).

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  1. Consultation facility is available for Research Scholars of other Universities/Institutions for a short period.
  2. The Research Scholars should bring recommendation letter from Supervisor/Guide or letter from the concerned Department/Organization.
  3. The visiting scholar should bring original and valid photo ID - Passport (Foreign Scholars), and University issued ID (Indian Scholars).


  1. Books are issued for a fortnight except textbooks which are issued for overnight use only.
  2. Text books with more than 2 copies are checked-out after 2:00 p.m to day-scholars only during the examination period.
  3. Students can reserve books at the Circulation Counter in case they are already issued.
  4. Books in demand may not be renewed.
  5. Readers are responsible for books issued against their names.
  6. Library reserves the right to recall any issued book even before the due date.
  7. The material such as rare books, theses, dissertations, loose issues of periodicals etc. marked for consultation shall not be issued.
  8. Borrowers must satisfy about the physical condition of the books before borrowing otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage later or at the time of return.

Overdue charges

  1. Textbooks - the overdue charges Rs. 5/- for first fourteen days.
  2. General books - the overdue charges 50 paisa per day for first seven days, rupee one for next seven days.
  3. After the expiry of fourteen days, for both Textbooks and General books, the defaulter has to pay the price of the latest edition of the book plus overdue charges for the period the book is kept without authorization.
  4. Membership shall be suspended for repeated delay in returning the books.

Use of computers/laptops etc

  1. Computer in the library premises should be used for academic purposes only.
  2. Online chatting/dating, browsing of social networking sites is strictly prohibited. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.
  3. Playing games on computers is strictly prohibited in the entire Library premises.
  4. Readers must carry their Library Membership card while using the Cyber Library. They must show their ID card on demand.
  5. Readers are not allowed to share their Internet access ID and Password with other students.
  6. Changing the settings and display of the computers kept in the Library is not permitted.
  7. Use of laptops in the cubical systems where computers are already installed is not permitted.
  8. Readers should not remove/unplug computer cables/connections, network cables and other peripherals/accessories in the library.
  9. Personal keyboard, mouse, etc are not allowed inside the Library.
  10. Students must take care of their Pen drives, CD/DVD ROMs, mobiles and wallets etc.

General Reading Hall (24x7)

  1. The right to use General Reading Hall is exclusively reserved for bonafide members of Central Library, JNU.
  2. Members should produce their Library Membership card at the entrance.
  3. Readers should not leave bags/books/copies on the table and cannot claim, capture, and reserve seats for future use.
  4. The seats are to be used/occupied on the first come first served basis.
  5. Capturing/reserving seats for friends/future use is strictly prohibited. Other scholars may remove the bags and books if these are left unattended on the tables.
  6.  Readers should not scribble on table tops or damage them.
  7. Readers should not clutter the table with heaps of books and other reading material.

Use of lockers

  1. Lockers are available for Ph.D scholars on seniority basis in the Central Library. These are assigned to the scholars at the beginning of Monsoon Semester for one academic year.
  2. Lockers are not transferable.
  3. Personal items should not be kept in lockers and the Library assumes no responsibility for any item lost or stolen from the lockers.
  4. The research scholars are allotted only the lockers and not the table beneath the lockers. If the table is vacant other scholar can use it.
  5. The scholars are advised to store only those books which are duly checked-out to them.
  6. The scholar cannot retain/block more than 6 books (checked-out) in his/her locker at a given time.
  7. Library materials like Reference books, Rare and Arts books, Thesis & Dissertations, loose/bound volumes of Journals should not be stored in the lockers. Any non-circulating library materials or books, which have not been checked-out shall be removed, if found in the lockers.
  8. The library reserves the right to open any locker if required, to inspect their contents for library materials that have not been checked-out. Any such item found will be returned to their proper locations and in such situation locker facility shall be immediately withdrawn.
  9. The scholar is required to use his/her personal locker and hand over the duplicate key to the staff in charge of lockers. In case of change of lock, the staff should be immediately informed and duplicate key handed over.
  10. Book should be placed with their spines facing outwards.

General rules

  1. Readers should observe strict silence inside the Library.
  2. Use of Mobile phones is not permitted inside the Library premises.
  3. Users are not allowed to carry eatables/drinks inside the Library premises.
  4. Library membership card is non-transferable.
  5. Readers are not allowed to bring their personal books or any printed material (spiral/bound book/photocopied material) inside the Library.
  6.  Personal belongings like bags (laptop, shoulder, sling), umbrellas, etc. should be deposited at the Property Counter against a token. These are not allowed inside the Library.
  7. In case the property counter token is lost, the deposited article may be claimed with proper identification after producing a written request.
  8. Readers are advised not to leave their valuable items like money, passport, credit card etc. at the Property Counter.
  9. Marking, scratching, damaging, mutilating, stealing, library materials or property will invite disciplinary action against the defaulters.
  10. Readers should not carry books from one floor to another and should leave the books on the reading table after consulting.
  11. Readers should not talk or discuss as they may disturb other readers. Reading halls are meant for individual study and research only.
  12. Users should not rest or keep their feet on tables, chairs, shelves, etc.
  13. The library shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of the personal belongings of the users.
  14. Library staff shall not transmit telephone calls or other personal messages to the readers.
  15. The Librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member found misbehaving with the library staff or with any other member.

These rules are subject to revision/updation from time to time without assigning any reason.  For latest Library rules and regulations, please check Central Library Website.

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