JNU e-Thesis Submission Guidelines

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(1) Please download the Annexure I, II and III available above and fill up the desired information in these forms –sign it and enclose it with CD/DVDs. (If annexures have been already included in thesis/dissertations and are part of CD/DVD may ignore this).

i. Authentication Certificate:
Copy of duly filled ‘Thesis/Dissertation Authentication Certificate’ (Annexure-I) to be signed by the research scholar that the thesis/dissertation contained in the CD/DVD is complete in all respect and is same as submitted in print and has been checked for plagiarism using TURNITIN.

ii. Metadata Form:
The ‘Thesis/dissertation Metadata Form’ (Annexure-II) duly filled by the research scholar.

iii. Consent Form for Digital Archiving:
Copy of ‘Consent Form for Digital Archiving’ (Annexure-III) duly signed by the research scholar.

(2) CD/DVD should contain the following:

a. Thesis/dissertation:
A single searchable PDF (Portable Document Format) file containing the complete thesis/dissertation. (including all certificates)
Note: In case of scanned PDF file, scholars are advised to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) the scanned PDF so as make it searchable. Besides, the PDF file shouldn’t have any password, security tags, and restriction on copy, paste or print. OR
MS-Word files of the thesis/dissertation along with all special fonts used in the thesis. UNICODE Fonts should be used.
b. Other accompanying material/s, if any.
All other accompanying material/s like audio, video, computer programme/ algorithm, etc., if any, which have been submitted along with the print thesis/ dissertation, are to be provided on CD/DVD.

(3) CD should be inserted preferably in a jacket and have name of the scholar, enrolment No. and Library ID No.

(4) CD/DVD and Annexure I,II and III should be submitted to the following person:

Shri Mahesh Chand, Assistant Librarian,
Govt. Document Section,9th floor, Central Library, JNU.

In case, above person is on leave or at outstation, the next person is –
Shri Amar Singh Yadav, Prof. Assistant,
7th floor, Central Library, JNU.

For any further problem/queries please feel free to contact the undersigned.

Dr. Manorama Tripathi
University Librarian
Email: manoramatripathi2@yahoo.com     librarian@mail.jnu.ac.in

PS: For any support in terms of scanning PDF conversion, you may contact staff at 9th/7th floor.

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