European Language

The collection covers a wide range of books in various languages. The European Languages Collection and Australian Collection is in-house on 4th Floor and Afro-Asian Languages Collection and Indian Languages Collection on 5th Floor.

European Languages Collection and Australian Collection

Collection: The Section covers European Languages and Australian collection which also includes references and bibliographies. It has approximately 59,500 books in European Languages (English, Linguistics, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian & Turkish) and Australian collection. The section also has some complementary collections which include Czech, Dutch, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Polish, Romani, Slovak, Swahili, Thai etc.

Languages No. of books
Linguistics 5000
German 13760
French 11000
Spanish 5183
English 13500
Portuguese 1600
Australian collection 1000
Reference collection 6800
Italian 590
Turkish 698

1. Professional Library staff provides assistance with regards to access and consultation of European Languages collection to faculty and research scholars and use of JNU Web-OPAC.
2. Two PCs have been installed for research scholars for accessing the JNU Web-OPAC.

Guide Tags for Shelf/Racks:

Languages Shelf/Racks Classification Number Wise
From Upto
Linguistics 1 to 3 400 499
German 4 to 11 001 987
French 12 to 16 001 995
Spanish 17 to 20 001 994
English 21 to 28 800 899
Reference 29 to 32 001 981
Portuguese 33 121 981
Australian 34 B 016 996

For any information regarding European Language please contact:
Ms. Lohrii Kaini Mahemei,
Assistant Librarian
Ph: 011-26704547

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