The following amendments to Book Procurement Policy, 2012 were made by the Library Advisory Committee Meeting held on 27th August, 2014

1) We already have a provision for procuring the urgent books through credit/debit cards of the faculty for their students and utilization of this facility is rare and research scholars are requesting to procure the urgent books through their credit cards/debit cards and may be reimbursed the actual amount paid including postage and any other charges paid by them for purchasing the books through either or through any other online sources. So this facility may be added to the visually challenged students/M.Phil./Ph.D. students for procuring the urgent books with the recommendation from the concerned faculty and duly forwarded to their respective chairperson or deans. The reimbursement will be made after submitting the books alongwith receipts/bills to the Acquisition Section.

2) In case of text book if one copy is available in the Library and it has been issued to Faculty Members, one more copy of the title will be procured immediately for Library Users.

3) The Committee decided to include following points in book Procurement Policy. All books either single or multi volume title having cost of Rs. 30,000/- should have appropriate justification from the recommending faculty/researcher/student and must be duly forwarded by Dean of School/Centre Chairperson.

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