Data Curation in the University: Libraries, Research, and Learning

cyber-infrastructure and "Big Data" represent a paradigm shift in science that is transforming the research process to focus on the computation, analysis, curation, and reuse of digital data on a massive scale. What are the implications for universities in terms of their libraries, research, and teaching?

This workshop brings together a select group of libraries, research and data centers, cyberinfrastructure developers, and educators to explore these issues and begin to integrate data curation into their practice and services. The workshop is meant for senior library officials i.e. University Librarian / Dy. Librarian/ Chief Librarian or other technical staff engaged in data curation, managing research and data centres etc. The educators having interest in above or engaged in e-learning tools may also attend it.

Participants will be provided with:

    • an introduction to data curation in the context of institutional repositories with perspectives from librarians from India and the United States;
    • the opportunity to collaborate on Databib and help represent research data from India in a global catalog of data repositories;
    • a venue to discuss and share questions about new roles and emerging practices relating to research data;
    • an understanding of the current state of the art in data-enabled cyberinfrastructure and teaching in the United States and India.

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Please contact with questions or inquiries.

Organizing Committee:
Prof. Ramesh C. Gaur, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Prof. Thomas J. Hacker, Purdue University, USA
Prof. Michael Witt, Purdue University, USA
Prof. Aman Yadav, Purdue University, USA

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