Sage Management Collection

Sage management & Organization Studies Collection includes 120 peer-reviewed journals published by SAGE and participating societies, encompassing over 78,032 articles. Access to content from January 1999 to the present is included in a collection subscription. It covers subjects as Action Research, Business and Government Relations, Business Ethics, Compensation and Benefits, Corporate Social Responsibility, Critical Theory, E-commerce, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Management, Group Processes, Hospitality, Human Resource Management, Industrial Psychology, Industrial Relations, International and Cooperative Management, Labor Economics, Leadership, Macromarketing, Management Education, Management Learning, Marketing, Marketing Education, Marketing Theory, Non-profit Management, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development, Organizational Theory, Organizational Communication, Research Design, Research Methodologies, Service Marketing, Service Organizations, Simulation, Small Business Management, Social Marketing, Sociology of Work, Strategic Management, Tourism, Training, and Travel.
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