Survey Board

To keep the Library Environment and surroundings clean, it is a regular process to dispose off the unused, obsolete items from the Library. For this process the Survey Board has been constituted to give direction to carry out the activities

Step 1: The Management Section in association with the Care taker identifies the old and obsolete equipments, hardware, Wooden materials like Stacks, Chairs, Tables , Steel Almirahs, Racks etc. from the Library.

Step 2: The listed items are placed with the Survey Board constituted by the Competent Authority.

Step 3: The Survey Board then fixes a Reserve Price for the items listed for disposal.

Step 4: The Management Section calls Quotations for the obsolete declared items through limited tenders in CPP Portal and JNU Website as well as Letter Communications.

Step 5: The quoted price should not be less than the reserved price. The highest bidder is awarded the contract for the disposal process.

Step 6: The money gets deposited with JNU Deposit Account before shifting from the campus.

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