Floor Plan

Ground Floor

Circulation Counter Periodicals & Newspaper Reading Hall
Cyber Library Display of Faculty Publications
Helen Keller Unit Current Periodicals Newspaper
Air conditioned Reading Hall I,II,III New Books arrivals
Air conditioned Faculty Reading Room Lockers
Reader's Services Desk Information Desk & Membership Unit
IT Support Service

Mezannine Floor

The Mezanine Floor of the Central Library is adjacent to the Reading Hall on the right hand side of Entrance. In this floor the following offices are available
1.University Librarian Office
2.Library Management Section
3.Acquisition Section
4.Periodical Section
5.Collection Management and Maintenance Section

You can meet the University Librarian, Deputy Librarians/Assistant Librarians of the all above sections.

First Floor

Reference reading room/ Journals and Newspapers reading room.

Fourth Floor

European and Indian Languages collections (Spanish, French, German, etc.) Australian Collection

Fifth Floor

Afro-Asian Languages collections (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Arabic etc.) and Indian Languages collections

Sixth Floor

P.C. Joshi Archives on contemporary History and Textbooks collection

Ninth Floor

Theses and Dissertations/ Government and Institutional Collections
(UN, Census World Bank, IMF, UNESCO, CSO, etc)

Bound Volumes of print Journals.

It is a nine-storey building with a carpet area of about 1 lakh sq. ft. situated in the midst of the academic complex of the University and is the hub of all academic activities of the University. All the reading halls are air-conditioned with full power backup support.

Explore the Floorwise infrastructure/facility.

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